Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have you guys checked out the Kidcraft sale on Joss & Main yet today?!


Look at these kitchen sets...

Um yeah, they're only $124.95... SCORE!

If you didn't see my post about Joss & Main the other day, check it out here.

If you want to jump to the front of the shopping line and check out their Kidcraft and other sales going on right now, the link below will take you there!

Joss & Main

Happy shopping :D

Oh, and while I was there I saw that they have a moroccan pouf sale coming up...

Just sayin ;)


  1. Those are so stinkin' cute! I'll have to check out the site.

    If you, or any of your readers, are handy with power tools, Ana White has plans to build your own kitchen on her website. The hubs and I made one for our daughter for her 3rd birthday - you can see hers here:
    We haven't done the fridge yet, but that will probably be added for her next birthday or Christmas. :o)


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