easter weekend

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a great Easter weekend!

The Easter Bunny got Mommy lots and lots of Izzy smooches and giggles.

But, he did forget to tell Mommy to make sure she has her camera with her for the egg hunt.  Argh!!!

The day before Easter we took Izzy out to Tanganyika, a smaller zoo where you can get up close to the animals.

She had a blast...

even thought it was sooo cold!

We were hoping these little guys would come over to say hi.

But, even they were too cold to get out of their huddle :)

Izzy got a kick out of playing with the bunnies, and was trying to teach them how to "jump like a jaguar".  If any of you have seen Go Diego! you know what I'm talkin bout.

Even Mike couldn't resist the bunny cuteness :D

Hope you all had a great Easter!

P.S. anyone else completely annoyed that you can't preview your posts?!  What's the dealio?


  1. Very nice post.)) i love it.))♥

  2. I love it, she is such a doll! Great pictures I am looking for some eggs, click-click-click! Carry that thing everywhere you never know what you might need to photograph!! Happy Easter you guys!

  3. She is getting so incredibly big! Make her stop. Those pigtails...dying. And those pictures of you and her...OMG! Homecoming queen is beneath you. PS. Pantene called. They want their royalty rights on your hair.

  4. Aww..those are such a sweet photos and it looks like you had a great Easter weekend:) Your little one is truly adorable! Happy Thursday, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

  5. Adorable! Treasure these days as they go by way too fast!

  6. Awesome pics!! You are beautiful and your daughter... wow, so precious. Those eyes!

  7. your little girl is beyond cute!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a little girl named, Isabella. My family calls me Izzie. So, we have a few things in common. :)


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