Giraffe Gets a Bath

Friday, January 28, 2011

We've had a sick kiddo at our house the past few days.  A nasty, nasty cold. 
We had to put potty training on hold because of it too :(

Her boo, Giraffe, got the brunt of it.  Snot, slobber, the whole mess.  Giraffe needed a bath.  BAD.  If you read this older post you already know that she has found our back-up Giraffe that is supposed to help us in situations like this.  Well now that she knows she has two, she knows when one is missing.  Izzy - "Braff?!  Where's Braff?!" (she hasn't figured out the "gir" part).  She didn't actually see me toss him in the wash, but she knows something isn't right.  Me - "Giraffe needed a bath honey."  Panic sets in.  I took her into the laundry room so she could see him in the dryer and know where he is.  She stood there watching him for the longest time.  She'll be a loyal friend for sure :)  Oh, and note she's holding onto her back-up Giraffe.

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  1. Isabelle is A-dorable! Your comment on my blog made my day. Really. I was having one of those, "who even reads this, why do I do this?" type of day. So thank you! And I know the scene of the hubby on the other side of the couch all too well! Nice to "meet" you.


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