Washer/Dryer Stand Installed

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So, remember when I posted about building a washer/dryer stand here a while back?  Well, I just realized I never posted about it after we got it in the house.  Good news is IT FIT, and I LOVE IT!  Maybe it helps that I now have a washer and dryer that actually work.  Just maybe :)

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A Little Knick Knack

The Girl Creative


  1. It looks great! The room looks gorgeous and this is a great way to add some storage. I definitely want to do this when we redo our laundry room.

  2. I love theses bases... so much better than what the stores sell.

  3. Love the sliding baskets. The ones they sell at the stores are a real rip-off. $200 a pedestal for what???

    My DH and I are going to tackle this for our laundry when the winter ends.

    Can't wait to learn how to use a table saw!

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice!

  4. You have a great laundry room! I love th pedestal and the sliding out feature is awesome!

  5. Awesome job! I love the washer/dryer stands and we've been debating to do some for our laundry room. I think yours are way better than the store ones.

  6. LOVE this! GREAT JOB!!!!!

    I did something similar, check it out at-



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