Hoo could it be?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last night was Izzy's first time Trick-or-Treating! And, thank God, she wore her costume!!! She went out with her little friend across the street (I love that she's not yet 2 and already has a gal pal) and scored some good candy. We're not talking about the cheap stuff that I passed out, but the good stuff. PB cups, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kats. Yum! And, maybe if I weren't such a choc-o-holic I would have passed out the good stuff as well, seeing as how I did buy some. But, I figured I should save it just in case mommy needs some of her "medicine". Yep, that's what I call it :)

Ok, back to what's important - my little owl. To prepare for the big night we had been practicing what an owl sounds like, saying trick-or-treat, and thank you. But, amongst all the excitement, when I asked her "What do we say to the nice lady?" I got a "Hoo hoo" instead of a thank you :D


  1. So cute!!! She looks incredible! I'm so glad that she kept her amazing costume on!

  2. that is sooooooo cute !!!!


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