Feeling a little crafty-snafty

Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been in a crafty mood lately.  I see all of these really great ideas out in blog land, and while this usually ends with little unfinished projects laying around, I actually finished one!  Yippee!!!  I'm in LOVE with this site.  She always has these amazing tutorials that leave me wanting to try every single one of them.  When I saw this one for a book wreath I had to put down everything I was doing and tackle it.  Soooo cute, and soooo cheap.  Since I already had an old song book and lots of hot glue sticks, I only ended up spending like $2 on the wreath form.  Score!  Mom said she really liked it so I kinda forced her into watching me make one for her.  Here's hoping she really liked it and wasn't just being nice :D  Anywho... I'm really happy with it.  And, now I have a wreath for fall AND Christmas! 

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