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Monday, August 23, 2010

Someone asked me the other day how many words Izzy could say, and I completely drew a blank. "I don't know. Am I suppost to know?!" So, I thought I should make a list. This way when she has kids and asks me what she was saying at 18 months I'll actually have an answer :) Here we go, in no particular order:
  1. Mom, Momma
  2. Dad, Dadda - because if this was in order, this would be before Momma :(
  3. hi
  4. bye, buh-bye
  5. yes
  6. no
  7. uh-oh
  8. oh yeah
  9. baby
  10. Wuff Wuff (Izzy talk for our dog Ruff)
  11. dog
  12. cat
  13. bird
  14. duck
  15. pet
  16. bear
  17. bee
  18. off
  19. on
  20. nose
  21. eye
  22. arm
  23. boobie (I paniced and didn't know what to call it other than boobie)
  24. apple
  25. banana
  26. cracker (more like gacker)
  27. milk
  28. hat
  29. ball
  30. book
  31. bow
  32. all done
  33. more
  34. wave
  35. house
  36. home
  37. boat
  38. car
  39. night
  40. hot
  41. water
  42. rock
  43. walk
  44. moon
  45. papa
  46. bath
  47. shoe
  48. all right
  49. pop
  50. up
  51. kick
  52. bubble (bubs)
  53. roar
  54. moo
  55. baa
  56. neigh


  1. What a list! Well done Izzy! I totally had the same booby fiasco. I wish I could change that moment to anything else! Cambry's over 2 and every time one of us (including baby Colbie) takes off our shirt I hear "Oh Daddy's (or whoever is naked)boobies." Why couldn't I have said chi-chi, or something fun? Let me also warn you against calling her other lady area "lady parts" because she unintentionally turned it into lady part or lady park. Neither sound good. Another panic moment of not knowing what to say. Things should come out labeled!

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  3. Hey friend!
    The prints are Kelley Rightsell...they are great, arent they?!?! Loved your visit!

  4. Ah this is so cute.. I wish my mom had written down my first words! :D


    P.S: I'm having a very cute giveaway, something perfect for your darling daughter! ;)

  5. Wow she knows a ton of words!! My son is 18 months and consistently says about 10 words. He tries to say other things you just cannot understand him :)


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