Tuesday, July 29, 2014

otomi print bean bag chair | DIY

I'd like to introduce you to the chicest bean bag chairs EVER.

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I've been wanting to make the kids some bean bag chairs for what feels like ages.  I've never come across any in the stores that are good enough - large, neutral non-cartoon themed, and sinkable.  I say sinkable because a lot of them are more like poufs, which are great for a footstool or quick spot to sit, but I wanted something that you could really fall into and have it come up around you.

I spotted this otomi print stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and this bean bag pattern from Made and knew I had found my perfect bean bag!

For the fabric I used a 9x12 painters drop cloth for each bean bag (half will be used for the insert and half for the outer slipcover).  For the paint I used plain white flat interior paint.  I used a roller since I was covering such a large surface.  When rolling paint onto fabric it can be tricky since it moves around on you a lot.  Luckily, since this pattern has so much going on it is pretty forgiving.

Once everything was sewn using Dana's pattern (I went with the larger of the two pattern sizes), I filled each bean bag inset with two Bag of Beans Bean Bag Filler that I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I can't find them on their site any longer, but they had them in stores for $15/bag.  I spent $12/bag with a coupon.

I am so in love with these things!!!  The kids are too.  Actually, they're WAY more excited about them than I expected.  Not a day goes by that they aren't playing around in them.

They even have a handle so they can easily be moved around.  I can be found with one slung over each shoulder carrying an iPad and drink up the stairs.  Now THAT'S convenient!

And a zipper for easy slipcover removal for cleaning.

But honestly, my favorite thing about them is that they look so great!  No neon colors or characters pasted all over them.  They blend in perfectly with the other things in the house.  Ahhhh....

When the kids go to bed, I make a run for them.  They really are that comfy.

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Are you a bean bag lover?  It totally reminds me of being a kid and being super jealous of all of my friends that had them :D


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY cage light ceiling fan

This past week I have been slowly chipping away at the kids' playroom.  It started when I decided I was going to sell the couch we had up there so the kids would have plenty of open space to play.  Only to decide later, after a little rearranging, to keep it. The new arrangement made so much more sense and we actually found ourselves using the playroom more!  The only problem was that it was always so HOT up there.  Now was the time to switch out the flush mount light for a ceiling fan.

I wanted it to look good and be cheap.  Story of my life.  I loved the look of the industrial looking ceiling fans, especially the ones with the caged light fixtures.  Some prices weren't outrageous, but they were more than I wanted to spend on a playroom fan.  So... here's what I came up with!

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This was SUCH an easy way to switch up the look of the fan.  The fan itself is actually the exact same fan I used in our master bedroom and put a pendant shade on.  You can check that out here.  All I did for this fan was take the glass shades off, attach light cages, and swapped out the regular bulbs for Edison bulbs.

| SOURCES: ceiling fan . light cage . bulbs |

Not only do I love the look, but it really is practical in a playroom where things have a tendency to get thrown around.  "Mommy!  Watch how high I can throw Minnie Mouse!!!"

Do we like or is it a bit strange?  Honestly, at first I was bummed because I didn't think it was as cool as I imagined it to be in my head, but it has totally grown on me now and I love it!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY bracelet kit | BRIKA

You guys already know I love a good DIY. 

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When the two lovely founders at BRIKA, Kena and Jen, sent me the DIY bracelet kit created by C'est Joli I was immediately smitten.  You got the satisfaction of making something beautiful yourself without having to buy all of the pieces separately and in larger than needed quantities.  As Goldilocks would say, "It was just right!".

   I had such a great time whipping these up with Izzy.  She was so excited with how they turned out.  So much so she keeps sneaking them out of my jewelry drawer and onto her wrists.  Which, is perfectly fine since they look adorable on her!

 | Neon DIY Bracelet Kit 1 - c/o BRIKA | 

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You could make one for yourself and give the other to a buddy since you get two!  I think these would be great for a jewelry making girl's night in.  Or, maybe a fun craft for a birthday party?

I'm digging the bright neon colors too.  It's an easy way to wear the trend without blowing peoples eyes out.  Have you been sporting neon this summer?  Or, does it make you shudder and think of your closet from the 80's?


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