samuel's 3rd birthday party

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We just celebrated Sam's 3rd birthday this past weekend.  

The whole three thing really snuck up on me.  I know mom's say it all the time, but I really can't believe it.  I feel like this should be his second birthday, not his third.  I told him he was my big boy now, no longer a baby.  He said, "Mom, I'm notta big boy.  I just Sam!"  That works for me kid :)

This year he had a Party Animal theme.  The plastic animal bins at the craft stores are his happy place.  Park the cart next to those and he is one happy camper!  I let him pick some out for his party and hot glued on tiny party hats made out of craft paper, pom poms, and silver pipe cleaners.  He played "zoo" with them non-stop the week before his party.

The streamers were a $2 DIY I'll share in a follow up post.

To make things easy on myself, I purchased the digital download Draw Together Birthday Set from the Caravan Shoppe.  It is AWESOME.  Well, everything from them is!  If you haven't checked them out before, you absolutely must.  The files for the background 3 poster, the Pin the Bow Tie on the Bear game, and Happy Birthday banner that you see below were just part of what was included.  Super easy!

The last half of the party we had a couple of ponies show up for the kids to ride.  I mean what kid doesn't like a pony?!!  Sam.  That's who.  He went for about one ride and was over it :D But, the other kids had a blast and took turns riding Outlaw and Jack Jack over and over.  

 At the end kids got to pick out their favorite animal jar to take home, filled with animal crackers.  These were an easy DIY I'll share in a follow up post along with the thank you tag.

These super cute thank you cards were more printables and FREE (minus paper and ink)!!!  What, what?!!!  The cards are a FREE download from the Caravan Shoppe, and the envelopes are a FREE download from Jones Design Company from her valentines set.  For the envelopes, I printed them out at 110% so they would be large enough to accommodate the cards.  Toss in some leftover confetti so that all of your friends will hate you when their kids open the cards ;D

Confetti for everyone!!!

// SOURCES // number poster . pin the bow tie on the bear . happy birthday banner . letter balloons . confetti . stripe table fabric . plastic animals (Michaels) . cake stand (Homegoods) . name candles (Party City) . thank you cards . envelopes

halloween | 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm a little late to the whole Halloween recap party, but I'm sure you'll forgive me when you see the kids in their costumes.  I know I'm a little biased, but the cuteness factor was off the charts!!!

I always thought I would dress them up in costumes that would play off each other.  I have yet to do that.  This year Sam wanted to be a train and Izzy wanted to be Alice.  I enjoy making the kids' Halloween costumes and didn't think I was going to pull off the train request until I came across this costume Cortney made with her son.  It's amazing and Sam loved the photo I showed him so we basically did the exact same thing.  All I bought was some duct tape, black foam core paper for the wheels, and gold scrapbook paper.  We already had a bunch of boxes to choose from.  Cheap and ubber cute!

Izzy nailed the Alice look.  I used a pattern to make her dress and then adjusted it a little.  The darn thing came out so short at first!  I added more length to the skirt by putting in a bunch of flat pleats, which actually totally made the dress so it was a win in the end!  

You  know what happens when a train gets going a little too fast??

They get derailed :D

Izzy was impressed with her haul.  As was I - just look at all of that chocolate I can steal!!!

And all Sam cared about were the suckers.  Which, as you can see, ended up in his eyebrows and hair :D

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!!

jenny lind bed paint + DIY bed rails

Thursday, October 29, 2015

In my latest post on Sam's big boy room you got to see his finished antique Jenny Lind bed I found off Craigslist.  I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out!

This is how the bed looked when we got it off Craigslist.  Completely worn out.  Looked like it may have been in a garage or barn for several years as the varnish and stain had seen some weathering.  It was also missing the side rails.  But basically, nothing a little sanding and paint can't fix!

PAINT - After sanding down and cleaning the bed I used my Critter paint sprayer to apply a coat of primer.  By the way, that paint sprayer is the best purchase I have ever made.  EVER.  It's under $50 which just makes it all the more amazing in my book.  With all of those spools it would have been a nightmare to do it by hand.  I shudder at the reminder of painting my stair railings several years ago.  Yuck!  Ok, so after the primer cured, I used the paint sprayer to apply two coats of Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black.  You guys, it's a gorgeous black!  I would describe it as a deep, creamy black.  

And if it's good enough for Studio McGee, best believe it's good enough for me ;)

DIY Bed Rails -  Since the headboard and footboard didn't come with the rails, I had no way to attach the two together and hold a mattress.  I wanted to share with you guys how we made our own rails so that if you ever come across a great antique bed without any, you would know what to do!

We used 1x8's to create our own rails and cut them to be about 5 inches longer than the length of the mattress for both sides.  That way there would be enough room for tucking in sheets and blankets at the foot of the bed.  Once cut they were primed and painted to match the bed.  Then we added 2x2's along the inside of the new rails and screwed them into place.  These 2x2's will be used to support plywood that will support the mattress.  

Since our headboard and footboard have pins inside the legs to connect the rails, we used these bed claws I found on Amazon.  They worked out perfectly!  

Apparently I didn't get a photo of this next part :(  To support the mattress, we put down pieces of plywood cut to the size of the bed and screwed them into the 2x2 support on the side rails.  We did not use a box spring, so the mattress went directly on top of the plywood support.

And finally, for extra support, we added a couple of scrap 2x6's we had lying around to support the center of the bed on the underside of the plywood.  One piece for the upper half of the bed (shown in the photo) and another for the lower half of the bed.  I snapped this pic as I was tucking Sam into bed last night so forgive the really bad quality.  It was a snap and run :D

Sam's bed is by far my favorite part of his room so far.  I think these spooled beds are such a classic look.  I'm so glad I didn't scare away from it since it didn't have all the parts!

SOURCES: DIY moon art // IKEA hack nightstands // sconces // duvet and toss pillow - Homegoods // gray blanket // sheets // rug - purchased overseas // bed paint - SW Tricorn Black


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