built-in window seat and shelves

Friday, February 3, 2017

Our playroom just isn't working quite as well as I think it could.  I guess by definition it's doing its job.  It's a room that gets played in.  I see so much more potential though!  I can't get the idea of a built-in window seat and shelves out of my head.

Here's what the playroom currently looks like.  Props to the kids for picking up, but stuff is crammed everywhere.  Here's where I'm picturing the built-in window seat with storage below and shelves along the sides.

We originally had an old couch with a slipcover sitting up against the window wall, which looked so much nicer than this current set up.  But, while the extra seating was nice, the loose slipcover drove me insane and toys were always getting lost behind the back of the couch.  Every day I pulled that thing away in search of a toy.  We ended up donating the couch, and then I built this table so the kids could have a place to put their legos together (instead of taking over our dining room).  I intended on getting some chairs for the table and never got around to it.

This "storage" side of the room is somewhat functional.  I want to donate like every single one of those stuffed animals.  OVER THEM.  My thought is that all of this (minus the breading stuffed animals) could be stored under the new window seat and shelves on the window wall.  I would then place their lego table on this wall.  

Here's what's inspiring me:

| studio mcgee |

I think it could be really great!  And, it will perfectly transition to a more grown up lounge area when they're older.  Can't beat that.

Which is your favorite?

new chandelier and ceiling fan

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I am so happy to report that my LED light bulbs came in and look awesome!!!  If you missed my post on the new chandelier, I was having serious problems with the yellow/orange Edison style bulbs that came with it.  Wrong color being put out and definitely not enough light.  You can check that post out here.  The new LED's put out a nice, clean, white light and are crazy bright.  I even light the look of the globe bulbs better.  Win, win!!

I can't get a real decent picture with the lights on, but I wanted you to get a feel of the color.  It's just so much better!  These are the LED 4.5 watt (40 watt incandescent equivalent) G25 clear bulbs.

Here's some side by sides for reference if you run into the same issues I had.  The 2700K (warm colored bulb) is the 30 watt incandescent Edison style bulbs that came with the chandelier.  Most Edison style that you find are 2700K.  The 5000K (cool colored bulb) are the 4.5 watt LED's in a globe shaped bulb.  The shape obviously doesn't make a difference with color, just pointing out the difference.  The color is incredibly more clean.  The LED's we purchased are dimmable, so we may put them on a dimmer switch in the future.  But just look at the difference.

When the electrician came out to swap out the light bulbs, he was also able to get up the new ceiling fan in the living room.  I love it!!!  It's updated, sleek, and doesn't have a boob light :D We were ok with going with a ceiling fan that doesn't have a light kit because the can lights in here put out more than enough light.

This sucker pushes out some air too.  I'm a big fan.  Hardy, har, har ;D  And in non-light fixture news, you might have noticed I swapped out pillows for a change.  Really like the feel those two indigo pillows bring in.  

LIVING ROOM SOURCES:  large indigo pillow // indigo lumbar pillow // white mudcloth couch pillow // jute rug // chairs // sofa // lumbar pillow // coffee table (similar here) // metal accordion table // bamboo blinds // white drapes // DIY mudcloth pillows on gray chairs // DIY lacquer tray // 3 round mirrors - Pier 1, sold out (similar here) // DIY sunburst mirror // round marble vase - Homegoods // table lamp - TJ Maxx (similar here)


home safety

Friday, January 27, 2017

We have so many solicitors that come through our neighborhood.  Usually, they leave information at the door without even ringing the bell.  But there have been a few occasions where shady people come through, become violent with homeowners who are not interested in what they are "selling", and have even tried forcing themselves into homes.  That's just plain scary.  We have always had a policy at our home that we don't open the door for people we don't know.  Period.  I don't care how well dressed or nice someone appears.  I'm not opening my door for you.  It's not a risk I am willing to take.

I just heard of this happening again in our neighborhood so I wanted to share with you guys a couple of home safety additions we have added (in addition to our regular home security system) that are helping to keep our family a little more safe.  This is not a sponsored post, just something that's been on my mind lately.  I have added a couple of affiliate links for your ease if you are interested though.

1//  RING DOORBELL:  We installed the Ring Doorbell Pro.  I first came across this awesome video doorbell in a neighborhood Facebook post where people were talking about burglaries in our area.  This video doorbell is hardwired into your doorbell wiring, replacing your regular doorbell.  It connects to your smart phone to give you live views of your porch (night vision as well), phone alerts when motion sensors are activated, phone alerts in addition to your regular bell chime when someone rings, records video as soon as the motion sensors are activated, and has two-way audio allowing you to communicate with the person at your door without you even having to be home.  It's amazing.

Here's a screen shot that I just took of a live view:

And to show you an example of the video, this started recording as my husband walked into the motion sensor zone.  You can hear what sounds like faint wind chimes in the background.  That's his cell phone notifying him that the motion sensors have been tripped.  Pretty cool!

And then check out these customer videos on Ring.com of people caught in the act.  Scares me, but I can't stop watching!!!

When solicitors come to the door, I can speak to them through the Ring doorbell telling them that I'm not interested without having to open the door.  I could do this out of town, and they would have no clue if I was actually home or not.  Which is exactly what you want if it's someone posing as a solicitor.  If I'm held up with one of my kids or in the shower and can't get to the door in time to let in a repair man, I can tell them I'll be to the door shortly so they know not to leave.  Love this thing.

Also, I want to mention that we added this wireless repeater (or WiFi range extender) because our wireless router is no placed too far from the doorbell.  We couldn't get the doorbell to work at first because we didn't have a strong enough signal.  A repeater is a game changer.

2//  BEWARE OF DOG SIGN:  This was originally placed more as a reminder to our lawn care team in case we haven't put our dog in his crate yet.  We don't want our dog bolting out if the gate is left open.  But, it is proven that having a Beware of Dog Sign on your fence is a deterrent to someone who may consider entering a backyard to gain entrance to a home.  We recently put up this enamel sign I customized from Ramsign and let me say I'm a big fan.  It's pretty (something you can't say about most Beware signs), but will also stand the test of time and look as good several years from now as it does today.

What added security measures do you guys use?  I love that there are so many cool options out nowadays!


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