slumber party planning

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Izzy decided on a small slumber party for her upcoming 7th birthday.  I was ELATED!!!  While I have enjoyed her large birthday parties with several friends and parents, planning can get a little stressful.  I'm looking forward to this more laid back party.  Even though it's not going to be extravagant (not that the others were, but you know what I mean) I still want it to be special.  She has asked for a Sleeping Beauty theme, so I'm going to go that direction without making it obnoxious.

INVITES:  I'm really digging the ease of Paperless Post evites.  They have beautiful options at great prices and several that are FREE.  Couldn't be more quick and simple.  I chose this one and had it customized and emailed out in just a couple of minutes.

CAKE: I love this sweet cake with a nod to Sleeping Beauty that could really be for any princess party.

ACTIVITY:  While they're waiting on pizza to be delivered I thought they would have fun coloring these princess themed pillow cases.  Izzy is freaking out over it and I can hardly keep her from coloring hers in already :D  I purchased the fabric on Etsy through Southern Stitch Fabric (looks like she's out of the castle fabric now, so I've linked to another supplier on Etsy below) and stitched the pillow cases up using the tutorial on The Mouse House blog.  Seriously, how fun is this!!! 

MOVIE:  Izzy requested a showing of Sleeping Beauty.  Done!

ACCOMODATIONS:  They must have an epic blanket fort.  MUST.  Somehow I will make this happen.  Twinkling lights and everything.

FAVORS:  While the pillow cases are technically party favors as well, I thought I would put together these fun sleep masks for the girls because, I mean, look at them!

This brings back so many memories of sleeping parties from when I was young.  All the giggling, dancing, acting goofy, and staying up all night.  Having said that, I hope I survive the night!

What's your most fond memory of sleeping parties?

big boy room | reveal

Monday, February 1, 2016

I feel like this has been SUCH a long time coming.  The last time Sam had a "finished" room was in his nursery back when we lived in Kansas.  He only had that room for a couple of months before we moved to TX.  We lived in a rental while we waited on our house to be built.  I had no desire to decorate a room that was only going to be used for a little while.  Once we moved into the new house I knew it wouldn't be too long before he would be out of his crib, so his room waited some more.  Ugh.  I know he didn't care, but I felt bad for the little guy.  Finally, two years after being in our house and many DIY's later, Sam has a finished room!  Woohoo!  Can I get an amen!!!

Before I get into it, I want to bring it back to how it looked before we started.  I only have this one photo.  I just stuck everything in there from the last house.  And hated it.  The curtains were obviously too short for the taller ceilings/windows, but I put them up anyways (Looking back I have no clue why).  

Too much ugly, let's get to some pretty.  I've already shared with you guys the portion of his room with his bed on it as I worked my way through the DIY's.

The bed was a Craigslist find that I reworked and painted.  The moon art above his bed was a DIY.  And the nightstands were a RAST hack.

And now here is the other side of the room!

Everything over here has special meaning.  The dresser was his great grandmothers that I repainted years ago for Izzy's big girl room.  A lot of the art was reused from his original nursery with some other pieces added in, mostly DIY's.  Might be hard to see, but the photo in the bottom black frame is of my grandfather who tipped his plane on its nose during a hard landing.  The antlers were found in Papa Moo Moo's barn on one of our visits.  The globe was bought for his nursery and I wanted to keep it out since Sam loves looking at it to see if he can find where Grandma and Grandpa live.  And the basket holds Mike's old baseball bats and glove.

I put a hanging chair in here for his because, hey, it's fun!  It's also super comfy.  Seriously, I could relax in that thing all day.  But warning (and this shouldn't come as a surprise) kids are gonna swing the heck out of these so make sure you've got that puppy anchored into a ceiling beam and give yourself enough swinging space!

To keep his growing collection of stuffed animals from being piled up on the floor, I hung some baskets from the wall on hooks.

He loves his room.  And that's all I could ask for.

SOURCES // Jenny Lind bed paint + DIY bed rails // DIY moon art // IKEA hack nightstands // sconces // duvet, toss pillow, and baskets - Homegoods // gray blanket // sheets // rug - purchased overseas // hanging chair - Pier1 (no longer online, similar here) // blanket on chair - Homegoods // chair pillow // curtains // bamboo blinds // art over dresser: Wild and Free - DIY, silver circles - DIY (tutorial here), plastic animals - DIY, owl print, mirror //

my living room curtains

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I get a lot of questions from people asking where I purchased my living room and kitchen curtains.  I can't help but chuckle because of the answer.

They're plain white, queen size, flat sheets from Target.  Yep.  That's it!  You see why I'm laughing now?!  I originally intended this to be a temporary fix, but it ended up growing on me and I decided to keep it.  Added bonus: If they get dirty I can just toss them in to wash with a little bleach.  Bada bing, bada boom.

Maybe the reason they look a little fancier is due to how I have them clipped.  I folded over the top hem of the sheet and created a couple of pleats every few inches with my fingers.  I held the pleats in place with a clip ring from the backside.  Pretty darn simple.

I don't pull these curtains shut (we use the blinds for privacy) so if you do, you might want to run a needle and thread through the pleat to hold it in place and even stitch it onto the ring for added security.

The first time I moved out of my parent's house I used black sheets as curtains in the place I was renting.  14 years later and not much has changed :D


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