chandelier problems

Monday, January 23, 2017

The first of this month I mentioned we were having a new chandelier put up in our entry.  I was BEYOND excited over here.  You may have even seen the progress shots in my Instagram story last week.  Old chandelier came down, new one went up and I feel in love.  Isn't she pretty?!  I went with the Varick chandelier from Restoration Hardware.

The day progressed and the color of the light bulbs started to look a little odd.  Night fell and we had a full up problem.  The bulbs are straight up yellow/orange and put out minimal light.  Bleh.  I have the Edison style bulbs up in our powder roomand they are a nice clean white.  The bulbs that come with this chandelier most definitely are not.  Now, this wouldn't be a problem if I was into the gothic vampire scene.  But I'm not.  Here's a phone pic I snapped that night.


I wanted to bring this up because had I thought about this before hand I would have searched out a different chandelier.  You might be asking yourself, "Why look for a different chandelier?  Just switch the bulbs out crazy lady!  Not a big deal."  Finding different bulbs was a nightmare.  There are a number of reasons why:

1) This chandelier will take no greater than 30 watt bulbs with a medium sized base (there are 16 bulbs).  You cannot find replacement 30 watt bulbs.  Try going to the store and asking for a 30 watt bulb.  The salesperson will tell you to hang on just so they can bring all their buddies over to laugh at the woman asking for a 30 watt bulb.  You can go down to a 25 watt incandescent bulb, but they're going to be less bright and will still have a yellow color cast, though not as yellow as the Edison style.  Doesn't solve the brightness or color problem.  And since they're incandescent, they won't last as long.  This is in a two story entry.  I'll have to get a handy man out with a skyscraper ladder just to switch out the burnt out bulbs.

2) You could go with a different style bulb in LED, which will give you more light in less wattage and solves the color issue if it's a color 4000K or 5000K (K refers to the Kelvin color temperature scale where warm yellow bulbs are 2700K and cooler white bulbs are 6500K).  But, it's almost impossible to find LED without the white plastic piece that covers part of the base.  That poses a problem with this chandelier since the bulbs are completely exposed.  Arrgggghhhhh!!!!

3) Now, you can find LED Edison style bulbs, but you've got to be very careful to make sure the bulbs have a 5000K color.  Most Edison style are 2700K, which give off that horrible yellow/orange cast.  The clean white 5000K LED Edison bulbs are EXPENSIVE.  I would have spent $300 in light bulbs alone for this chandelier.  Que me banging my head on the table and gnawing my fist.  This option made me sick to my stomach.

I now know more about light bulbs than I care to after searching the internet high and low for a solution.  Two solid days of searching and I did finally find a solution.  Praise The Lord!!!  It cost me $100 in bulbs, which I still think is completely obscene, but when I compare it to the $300 that I could have spent, it feels like a win.  I found these globe style bulbs in LED without the white plastic piece and in a 5000K bright white.  They're 4.5 watts (equivalent to 40 watt incandescent).

  | via |

I just need the electrician to come back and install them.  I think he's avoiding me.  He couldn't get the ceiling fan up while he was here either.  Turns out not all down rods are created equal :/

Hopefully I'll be sharing finished pics soon!

DIY custom kitchen drawer organizers

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The first of the year organizing bug is no joke.  Something about getting Christmas decor put away and seeing the house clean makes me want to tackle all of the little drawers and closets.  Clean all the things!

I was putting dishes away one morning and as I was trying to shove my hand mixer's beaters into an already out of control drawer I decided enough already.  Today is the day I organize these drawers once and for all.

Let me walk you down the before path.  There lies a hot mess behind these two drawers that I use multiple times every day.

It's a cluster free for all.  There is zero attempt at even organized chaos.  Whatever drawer is less full at the time utensils get put away is the one it gets shoved into.  Hopefully the drawer will close afterward.

My initial plan was to buy premade inserts, but after looking around online I knew I wasn't going to be happy.  I knew they wouldn't fit the drawer properly and the slots would never be right.  Then I came across this tutorial on Kevin & Amanda and it was like the Heavens opened and angels were singing.  There it was, the most perfect solution!  I ran over to my local home improvement store and got to work.  You may have seen my story on Instagram about it a few days ago.  A few hours later (damn drying time) I had this.

The left drawer now houses mostly baking utensils.  The back is all open for larger bulky items.  The thin long section towards the back has my narrow icing spatulas and a cake/pie server.  Hand mixer beaters have their own spot next to the ice-cream scoop.  The measuring cups and spoons each have their own space.  And, I'll never loose my cookie dough scoops anymore now that they have a home.

The left side is mostly regular cooking utensils.  The very back has some BBQ stuff that doesn't get used on the regular.  Apple slicer and corer toward the back.  Corncob zipper and peeler in one spot.  Big spoons in another.  I'm most excited about the larger, longer tools having spots so that now they can't lay on top of other junk and keep me from shutting the drawer.  No more loosing the tongs and can opener now that they're up front.

I love that the wood looks like part of the drawer, which wasn't planned, just happened to work out.  The best part of this project is that you can create any arrangement and size you want!  And since the wood pieces are only glued to each other, not the drawer, you can pull it out to easily clean the drawer if needed.

I seriously cannot get over the difference!     

PROJECT DETAILS:  I spent $15 on the wood.  I used the 1/4" x 4" poplar craft wood that's in the little cubbies underneath the regular sized pieces of wood near the bottom of the aisle.  I had to do was cut down my lengths for the different sections.  I ended up using regular wood glue since I couldn't get ahold of the glue they used in the tutorial.  It worked well, just make sure you clamp it and wait for it to dry.  Waiting is not a strength of mine, but it's worth it in the end.

Now to decide which drawer gets tackled next!

new light fixtures

Monday, January 9, 2017

A little background story for you first.  When we built our house the plan was always to change out the builder grade light fixtures.  I know that sounds kind of silly, but since it wasn't a custom build we couldn't bring in whatever light fixtures we wanted, we could only choose from what they had available.  We weren't thrilled with the options.  Given that, we went with a lighting package that had bathroom vanity lights we liked and then just planned to switch everything else out over time.

Most of the fixtures have been switched out, but the one that bothered me the most was still here.  The dust collecting beast in our two-story entry.  Ugh.  There's no getting those glass shades clean and they keep getting worse.  It drives me nuts.  We've been waiting to change this one since it has to be hired out due to the height.

For Christmas, my husband had me a pick out a new chandelier for the entry way and I couldn't be more ecstatic!!!  So long sucka!  Here's what I chose:

How gorgeous is it in this dining room?!!

Oh, and I even came across a smaller 9-light version of the new entry chandelier here for under $200 that is definitely worth sharing!

Since we're going to have an electrician here with a massive ladder, we figured we might as well have him change out our living room fan.  Now, in a perfect world, I would put up a chandelier in here.  It would look AWESOME.  In fact, my friend and neighbor has this one up in her living room (we have the same floor plan) and it's jaw dropping.  But, I'm an angry person when I get too hot, so a ceiling fan to help move air around in the summer is a must.  The one we currently have really is perfectly fine.  The bowl is another dust and dead bug collector though.  The light kit on the bottom does nothing to add to the light in the room.  And well, you probably know my feeling about boob lights.

Here's what it's being replaced with:

Different color, but I just love how streamlined it looks in these rooms:

Pretty pumped over here!  I'll definitely share photos once they're up :)  

Disclosure:  This post does contain affiliate links. 


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