black door hinges installed

Thursday, May 11, 2017

In my last post I talked about how I wanted to replace our painted door hinges with oil rubbed bronze/black ones.  90 hinges removed, 90 hinges installed, and 1,080 screws later, we have new hinges on all of our doors!!   I can't say enough about how much I am loving the new things!

While there was technically nothing wrong with the old hinges (they did open and shut), I just wasn't a fan of them being painted.  Here are the double doors in our master bath before and after.  

Hallway to powder room before and after.

To give you an idea of what I was working with, look at how rough the painted hinges were.  Definitely wasn't going to be able to go with my original plan of spray painting them black.  I believe the black and orange marks are from WD-40, and just look at that beautiful paint job the builder did.  Pure craftsmanship crapmanship right there.

New hinges were obviously the solution, but I was worried about the price seeing as we had so many to replace.  I found these 3.5 inch hinges on Amazon in bulk amounts bringing them close to $1.00 per hinge.  SOLD.  And since they were Prime I had free shipping.
You guys, they look so much nicer!!  I want to mention that some of the reviews stated that the hinges were scratched and some felt they couldn't use them because of the scratches showing.  I ended up ordering a few extra in case I ran into this problem.  I'm not sure if it's because I ordered in bulk, but none of mine were scratched.  They all looked great and worked perfectly!  

For our exterior doors I went with these 4 inch exterior hinges.  These came in late yesterday, and while I got them installed it was too dark to get photos taken for you.  But, they too were in perfect shape and installed beautifully!


One more task checked off the ol' To-Do List!


black door hinges

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sometimes it's the little things that often go unnoticed that make a difference.  For me, I can't stop thinking about black hinges on white doors.  I just love the way it looks!  

When we were building I asked how much it would cost us to switch out the builder grade painted hinges out for oil rubbed bronze/black.  They paint the doors, hinges, and trim all at once to save time and money.  I wish I could remember what they quoted us, but it was RIDICULOUS.  We red lined it and went with the painted hinges.  Now I can't stop thinking about it again.  Here are the double doors from our master bath to the bedroom.

And in the hallway to the powder room.

My plan was to simply take the old hinges off, spray paint them, and reattach.  Time consuming, but certainly cost effective, right?

We took all the hinges off the doors in our master.  Of course once they were all off we realized how bad they looked.  Big 'ol dried paint drips, chips, rust colored streaks from WD-40, etc.  They looked horrible.  Stripping 90 (yes, 90) door hinges is not my idea of fun.  So, I searched online and found some in bulk, which brings my cost per hinge down to a little over $1.00.  No brainer right there!!  Still not sure why they were going to charge us thousands when we were building, but whatever.  They should be here tomorrow and I can't wait to get them up!  

So, what do you think?  Are you Team Black Hinges or Team Seriously They're Just Hinges Get Over It?  Ha!

my favorite finds

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I've made a few purchases lately that I am absolutely loving so I wanted to share them with you.

NO. 01 // This is my go-to shirt.  An easy, goes with literally everything, chambray button up.  I'm even wearing it in my profile picture.  I've had this one for a few years and am picking up another because I can't live without it.  Right now it's 50% off making it the perfect time to grab one.  Or two.

NO. 02 // I ordered this dress online and was worried the fit would be boxy.  It's not, it's pretty stinking perfect, the ruffles on the sleeves are great, and it's incredibly comfy.  It's on clearance for $39.99 so snag one up before they're gone!

NO. 03 // My Louis Vuitton that I've had and loved for 7 years finally wore out.  I carried it everyday so I definitely feel like I got my money out of it.  However, I didn't want to by another one because I don't want to be tied down to a single purse for another 7+ years.  Instead I went with this beautiful and simple leather tote.  I added the gold foil monogram to the top and am so in love!!  It has an open top which I love for easy access, but check out this zippered one if you like closure.  It was my next favorite pick.

NO. 04 + 05 // I purchased this essentials zippered pouch and this polka dot zippered pouch to help corral items in my new tote.  The fringe zipper is super cute.

NO. 06 // I've been on an alarm clock hunt for a few weeks.  Our old one works, but it's just big and clunky.  This wood look alarm clock looks great, has a pleasant alarm tone, has a backup battery in case of power loss, comes with wall adapter cord, is easy to use (others are surprisingly difficult to get the alarm set), and you can change the brightness of the display.  And, for less than $20 it was the winner!  It's currently showing the item out of stock online, but check your local store.

NO. 07 // I'm wearing this hooded sweatshirt as I type.  Such a flattering fit for a sweatshirt and it's a great weight that's not too thick or thin.  The gray and ivory is almost sold out, but they have it in cobalt and white that's super cute too.

NO. 08 // This short sleeve popover has a faint stripe and looks great with jeans and shorts.  It nips in a little above the waist making it super flattering.  I'll be getting tons of use out of it this spring and summer.  They also have it in a multicolored gingham print.  Right now it's under $30.

NO. 09 // Next month we're going to Ireland and I wanted to get some cute comfortable shoes for all the walking we're going to be doing.  I am so in love with these gold and ivory New Balance!!  I have a different pair of New Balance that run small, but these run true to size.

NO. 10 // While I was waiting on my new tote to come in, I grabbed this crossover bag.  I am pleasantly surprised with how much I like it.  It's super soft, comes in five other colors including a pretty blush, and looks much more expensive than it's $30 price tag.

What have you purchased lately that you're really loving?


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